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Our Mission

Aiming to be a production company that goes beyond music.


Our Story

M&F Production Studios started as a small idea from one of our CEOs Moise Charles who had a passion for music at a young age. His older brother owned a studio which allowed him to be in the setting of a studio which included learning how to work with and serve clients, how Logic Pro worked, and much more! Moise had a friend Franklen Augustave which he calls his brother who had a similar objective at the time and who loved producing music. 

In 2019 after having several conversations, sharing ideas, and putting their talents together with a couple of other colleagues, one being Erby Vixamar they've decided to start making tracks for clients while using an old HP computer which hardly went fast. Struggling day after day and night after night the three of them decided to put money together to get a used MacBook Pro, Yamaha speakers, Scarlett interface, and a studio microphone to take things more seriously and to serve their clients better. During the emergence phase of the company hard work was the only option to make the vision come true. Building clientele wasn't easy but they were determined to only move forward. The difference between everyone else and these guys is that setbacks were viewed as opportunities to help them strive. Fast forwarding,  a year later the small idea they had turned into reality and now owning a production company M&F Productions LLC which consist of more than producing music which was established January 2020.


They realized that they could be more than just a studio. They could be an inspiration to others and assist others in touching people's souls via their music.

"We've always had high expectations for how our music sounds, so anytime someone comes to work with us, we give it our all to ensure that everyone who steps into our studio is satisfied. If our clients weren't satisfied, neither were we. We aim to be a well known production company who caters to people all over the world!"

Moise Charles 

Franklen Augustave
Erby Vixamar

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Moise Charles


Frank Augustave


Erby Vixamar