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M&F Production Studios started as a small idea from one of our CEOs Moise Charles who had a passion for music at a young age. His older brother owned a studio which allowed him to be in the setting of a studio which included learning how to work with and serve clients, how Logic Pro worked, and much more! Moise had a friend Franklen Augustave which he calls his brother who had a similar objective at the time and who loved producing music. 

In 2019 after having several conversations, sharing ideas, and putting their talents together with a couple of other colleugues they decided to start making tracks for clients using an old HP computer which broke down a couple months later. Fast forwarding,  a year later the small idea they had turned into reality and they now own a production company M&F Productions LLC which consist of more of producing music. 

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Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Beat making & Album creating. Your every musical need is hereby an appointment away!


LISTEN TIMOUN!!!!!! This was one of my BEST studio experiences so far. There are few producers I can trust with my vision and M&F is one of them. Professional, creative, open minded! All of the tools you need for a great production experience. 10/10 would definitely recommend!!!

Valerie Dantus

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